1986 ~ 1994

Company established.
Started business for TV broadcasting products including Character Generators, Video Signal Switchers, Multi-View Display, A/V Distribution Amplifier and TV Clock.
A Great Promising Company title received from Korean Gov't

1995 ~ 1999

Started CCTV production with multiplexer and quad-split display
a Great Venture Enterprise title received from Korean Gov't
R&D Institute Authorized from Korean Gov't

2000 ~ 2006

Started CCTV DVR (Digital Video Recorder) production
Estabilished R&D Institute which was authorized from Korean Gov’t
Won 10M dollars exportation award from Korean Gov’t

2007 ~ 2010

Broadcast monitors released
KBS biding qualification obtained
5M dollars exportation for broadcast monitors
RoHS certification secured from LG Electronics


Recordable Preview monitors released
5, 7" Super Bright Monitors Released
a National Technological Research assigned from Korean Gov't (title : development of a monitor with enhanced color gamut & region uniformity)


Selected to The 100 Global Valuable Companies by Korean Government
Wireless HD System Released
15" Jimmy Jib Monitor Released


Total Broadcasting Solution BT7 Released
Patent for "Emergency Broadcasting Control System for HD Video" Obtained
Class 1S Monitor Quality of Korea Obtained
Certified as "A Hidden Champion" by Korean Ministry of Science