Bon Electronics, founded in 1986, manufactures broadcast equipments including Character Generators, SDI monitors/On-Camera monitors/SDI-to-HDMI Converters/Quad-Split Monitors, etc. Our on-camera monitors can be used in field for either indoor or outdoor shooting especially when you purchase a super bright model with the help of its high brightness. Due to its small size and light weight, our field monitors are good for DSLR cameras including Canon 5D Mark Series, Panasonic GH2, GH3 Series, and also for Steadicam. Supporting 3G SDI signal, most of our monitors display up to 1920x1080/60P. Some models included HDMI-SDI converters with 1:1 resolution mapping. Our independent SDI-to-HDMI converter does not only convert signal but also display Waveform/Vectorscope/Audio Level Meters/Test Pattern.